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  • Grade 5 titanium pick used on all my recordings

  • Price : 22€

  • Internationnal shipping : 4€ / Envoi France 2€

  • Can be bronze or blue anodized

  • Possibility of engraving, personalization.

  • Recommended for electric guitar strings, the grade 5 titanium picks offer a boost in the bass and high-mids of the frequency spectrum, bringing shine to solos and incisive rhythms (jazz, blues, rock, metal). the slips on the strings are very aggressive. Grade 5 titanium has excellent quality in terms of mechanical resistance, it is completely stainless. In addition, it is a non-ferromagnetic metal, so it will not create any noise pollution (parasitic noise) when it comes into contact with the magnets contained in the guitar pickups.

If you want to get one contact me

Thank you, I will come back to you for details and personalization infos

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